At Swift Energy, sustainability has become a critical aspect of our business operations with a focus on social, governance, and environmental responsibility. Maintaining this aspects are important for our long-term success.


Priorities Equal Opportunity and Merit-Based Hiring Practices

Strengthening Our Connections and Engagement With the Local Community

Priorities Employee Training and Welfare
Provide Internship Opportunities for Students
Develop Future Talent and Knowledge Sharing in Local Community


Protecting the Environment & Minimizing Our Impact on The Planet

Adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations

Conserve resources, waste and carbon footprint

Making a Positive Impact Through Innovation and Sustainable Solutions


Ensure Our Operations are Efficient, Transparent & Compliant With Relevant Laws and Regulations

ABC (Anti-Bribery and Corruption) Policies
Prevent and Detect Any Form of Corruption or Unethical Behavior

Implement Digital Workflow System to Streamline Our Operations and Improve Efficiency, Reducing Risk Or Error and Delays

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