We are principally involved in the provision of industrial automation and power system focusing on process control, Ex solar PV, power distribution, and other systems mainly serving customers in the O&G, as well as grain products, edible oils, and food manufacturing industries. We are also involved in the supply of related products and services comprising the distribution of power and industrial electrical products, as well as the provision of technical services.

Provision of Process Control Systems

Provision of Ex Solar PV Sytems

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Provision of Power Distribution Systems

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Provision of Other Systems


Distribution of Power And Industrial Electrical Products


Provision of Technical Services


In the provision of the process control system, our full spectrum of work includes the following:

  • system and circuitry design, programming and configuration of all master and sub-controllers including communications network covering the following:
  • DCS, SCADA, PLC, RTU and HMI systems; and
  • machine-to-machine communications, and local and wide area networks.
  • procuring of materials, components, devices, and products;
  • design and fabrication of enclosures (metal cabinet to house all the components, wiring, and devices);
  • assembly and integration of the process controller hardware and other industrial electrical products and components into the enclosures;
  • installation and integration of the process control system with the power distribution system as well as other systems within the processing plant or facility; and
  • testing and commissioning of the process control system.

Design and fabrication of enclosures  

  • We have fabrication facilities including punching, cutting, bending and milling machines to fabricate the enclosures in-house.
  • Our enclosures are fabricated using high-strength materials such as electro-galvanised mild steel, and 304 and 316L grade stainless steel for a strong and rigid construction.
  • We can customise and fabricate enclosures in various sizes depending on their applications. The size of the panels may vary depending on the type and scale of the process control system.
  • When designing a custom enclosure, we take into consideration factors such as installation environment, heat circulation, electrical requirements, sizing as well as any existing control equipment.
  • Our enclosures are fabricated with ingress protection (IP) ratings such as IP41 (protection against condensation) and IP56 (protection against limited dust and high-pressure water jets from any direction).
  • We also provide finishing on these enclosures where they are powder coated for corrosion prevention and resistance. The finishing services is outsourced to third-party service providers.

Process controllers and electrical components

We design, assemble and integrate process controllers, electrical components, and devices into the enclosure panels. We also design the cabling, wiring and circuitry of the process control panels. The following are the functions of the process controllers, electrical components and devices:

  • Process controllers including DCS, PLC, and RTU hardware which function as the brains of the control panel, providing monitoring and control of various processes.
  • Circuit breakers which function as safety devices to protect a circuit, its components, and the control panel from becoming damaged by unwanted electricity surge or over-current. A circuit breaker disconnects the circuit by detecting an unintended high current and cutting off the current flow.
  • Transformers to reduce or increase voltages of incoming power.
  • Terminal blocks which are insulated modular blocks that serve as connection points to link multiple wires together. This can help organise wires coming from various sources to connect to other electrical devices.
  • Relays and contactors which are on/off switches to control mechanised functions based on commands from the process controllers (DCS/PLC/RTU).
  • Network switches which are the communication hub of the control panel that facilitates communication between the PLC/RTU and the various network-compatible devices on the production line.
  • Isolators or switch disconnectors which function to turn off the electrical circuit inside the control panel to allow the door of the enclosures to open.
  • Motor drives, also known as adjustable speed drives, variable frequency drives or inverters, function to help control the varying speed of a motor by varying the frequency and voltage of an electric motor’s power supply.


Ex solar PV system is an explosive-proof solar PV system that converts sunlight directly into electricity for installation in hazardous environments such as O&G platforms. Our Ex solar PV systems are designed for installation in hazardous Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.


In the provision of Ex solar PV systems, our full spectrum of work includes the following:

  • design based on the customers’ requirements. As at the LPD, we have designed Ex solar PV system with maximum output power up to 91.2kWp for an O&G platform in Malaysia;
  • procurement of materials, components and devices;
  • fabrication and assembly of our Ex certified electrical products such as battery enclosure and junction boxes;
  • fabrication of steel structures and skids;
  • assembly and integration of the solar PV modules and balance of system onto steel structures; and
  • testing and commissioning at end-customers’ site.

Meanwhile, installation works are commonly carried out by contractors appointed by the customers.

For the assembly of our solar PV system, we mainly utilise our Ex certified solar PV modules, as well as a combination of our Ex certified electrical products and third-party products for the balance of system, as follows:

  • mounting steel frame system/skids to hold the solar PV modules and other systems;
  • wiring and switches;
  • junction boxes with fuses and relays;
  • inverters to convert DC to AC which are used in some of the electrical machine, equipment and devices;
  • energy management and monitoring systems; and
  • safety equipment including earthing and lightning protection systems.

We have a range of our ‘Swift Energy’ brand of Ex certified electrical products for use in solar PV systems. Based on the customers’ operating environment and requirements, various options and products are selected and assembled into a complete solar PV system.

We are also able to customise our Ex solar PV system by providing other systems as a total solution for our customers. For example, in 2023, we produced a hybrid Ex solar PV system which includes wind turbine as an auxiliary source of power.


We design, fabricate, assemble and integrate the following types of power distribution system:

  • Power distribution panels for industrial plants operating in a normal environment; and
  • Ex switchracks for industrial plants/facilities that are operating in a potentially explosive and hazardous environment such as on offshore O&G platforms or in petrochemical plants.

In the provision of power distribution system, our full spectrum of work includes the following:

  • design of the power distribution system;
  • procure materials and electrical components;
  • fabricate the enclosures (metal cabinet) or metal skids;
  • assemble and integrate electrical components and devices into the enclosures or onto the metal skids including wiring; and
  • test and commission the power distribution systems.

In some situations, we upgrade and retrofit the power distribution systems which may include some or all of the above functions. Meanwhile, installation works are commonly carried out by contractors appointed by our customers.

We fabricate and sell power distribution systems under third-party Siemen’s SIVACON brand, as well as under our “Swift Energy” brand



We also design, fabricate, assemble, and integrate other systems using our Ex certified products and systems for hazardous area such as offshore O&G platforms.


We distribute a range of electrical products used for power distribution, control, monitoring, regulation, and protection, as well as for automation mainly for industrial facilities, machinery and equipment.

We are a distributor of the following types of power and industrial electrical products:

  • industrial automation and process control devices;
  • power control, distribution and protection devices;
  • NER;
  • transformers; and
  • other related products and accessories.

We mainly distribute third-party brand products as well as a small proportion of our brand of products. Some of the third-party brands are distributed based on Authorised Distributorships. We also have our brand of electrical product. The distribution of power and industrial electrical products is synergistic to our provision of industrial automation and power systems segment as we use many of these products in our fabrication process. 

We are an Authorised Distributor for third-party brands of power and industrial electrical products including Cressall, Danfoss, DOMO, Emerson, IDEC, Novaris, Seneca, Siemens, Wieland and UIC. We also distribute our SWIFTTECH brand of industrial temperature sensor and control devices.


As part of our provision of industrial automation and power systems, we provide technical services mainly to existing and past customers. Some of these technical services includes:

  • maintenance services;
  • upgrading and replacement of parts and components;
  • site installation supervision;
  • testing and commissioning works;
  • upgrading of software; and
  • ad-hoc repair, troubleshooting and rectification works.

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