Remote Operations For Corrosion Injection Skid

System Introduction:

In the past, Corrosion Injection (CI) skids on drilling platforms were designed to be operated locally. These skids were used to pump anti-corrosion chemicals during drilling operations.

Previously, these skids did not offer any capabilities for interfacing with the platform Distributed Control System.

(DCS) and thus chemical injection rates were not made available to operators and pump overrides were not possible from the platform main control room.

Due to Swift Energy’s experience with hazardous area design and PLC solutions, we were selected by the skid vendor to assist them in designing and commissioning such a system.

This type of remotely operated and monitored Wellhead Control panel had previously not been attempted by our client.

System Requirement:

The skid was to be located in a Zone 2 hazardous area. It had to provide communications interface with a DCS system. The skid would have two main diaphragm pumps with electric motorized stroke actuators.

A skid mounted local control and motor starter panel with pushbuttons, indicators, selectors and digital display was specified by the CI skid design contractor. 

Besides providing interlocking and pump duty/ standby operations logic, there were around 30 analog flow transmitter signals to be communicated via a data link to the DCS located in the Main Control room. 

For the controls, a PLC system was specified.

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