IPCS for Renewable Energy Projects

Swift Solutions MSC also covers Renewable Energy Project where SCADA is used to monitor and control  the plant.

Project Background:

Our customer operates a 200,000 liter per day ethanol production facility on a site in Chachaengsao Province, Thailand. The plant takes cassava chips as its feedstock and produces fuel-grade ethanol for export and domestic sale. Factory and plantation plots are located in the heart of one of  Thailand’s largest cassava growing regions.

Scope of Supply:

We supply Process Monitoring and Control System (PMCS) and Safety Integrated System (SIS) which include but not limited to monitoring and adjust plant operating conditions and/or  controller  setpoints, monitor process and equipment alarms, initiate and control plant trips and shutdown of    the essential and critical operational system, inventory management, manage and control of the loading start/stop motor and pump, reports generation, alarm management system and monitor   plant safety systems.

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