IPCS for Electrical Network Monitoring & Control System (ENMC)

Swift Solutions MSC centralizes monitoring data, control, disturbance recording and data collection. It provides a virtual window into the system for analysis and reporting through an integrated network of metering and protection devices across a single or multiple facility locations. Furthermore, along with the capability to integrate with existing systems and devices, it supports a multitude  of  advanced system energy management functions such as load shedding, energy cost allocation,  motor control and power quality    monitoring.

Project Background:

Our client in Malaysia requires a control of Load Shedding and monitoring of Power Distribution when generator/ incomer trips.

Scope of Supply:

Load shedding is among the most important features provided by Load Shedding System. Load Shedding System is designed to trip various loads on the busbar(s) in a pre-defined sequence to elevate cascade tripping of generating packages. The tripping levels are all adjustable through a PC keypad. Load Shedding System load shedding protection is normally graded so that loads will be tripped before any system protection relays operate. This keeps generating plant on-line thus preventing a complete site shutdown.

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