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Systems like SCADA and components like PLCs and HMIs are put together to increase productivity, boost convenience, improve safety against hazardous conditions, and most importantly reducing energy cost. We are renowned and preferred PLC/HMI supplier around the globe for manufacturers such as Emerson, GE, Siemens, and Honeywell.

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Information Technology and Network Design

Good network design allows business to ensure that the network performs with a consistently high level of performance with minimal application response time and downtime. Proper network design also creates a network where the failure of one step of the process does not result in the loss of an entire client-server session. 

We have a team of experienced engineer who can offer valuable networking services such as Process Control System Network Review, Process Control System Vulnerability Assessment and Design of Secured Process Control Systems.


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Control Panel Design and Fabrication

Our custom control panel design services entail a thorough evaluation of your specifications and requirements to ensure you receive a solution with the necessary level of functionality and durability. When designing a custom control panel, we account for every detail, including install environment, heat calculations, electrical requirements, sizing, and any existing controls equipment. 

To deliver consistent quality of the panels, our manufacturing space is outfitted with specialized tooling. We also utilize properly sized wire duct and visibly adhered device and wire labels to ensure clean and organized panel wiring. Every control panel we build is thoroughly tested for complete functionality.

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Control System Upgrades, Retrofits & Legacy Migration

As legacy PLC control systems and other outdated PLCs are getting phased out, it becomes harder to find replacement parts and system maintenance becomes increasingly more expensive. Migrating to a modern PLC platform offers significant improvements to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), system reliability, parts availability, support, and efficiency.

When performing PLC upgrade services, we do our best to reduce downtime and costs by developing a thorough migration strategy using either a phased or total replacement approach. Additionally, we work to maintain the existing field wiring and enclosure footprint whenever possible. Our PLC migration services also include updating all system schematics, converting existing logic and programs to the new PLC platform, and performing thorough testing to ensure full operation and compatibility.

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System Installation & Commissioning

Our team of system engineers have over 50 years of experience combined in the design and implementation of industrial control systems. We offer various engineering services such as electrical panel design, PLC and HMI programming or migration, documentation, on-site or remote system commissioning, and post-project service. Our documentation and designing capabilities include developing panel layout drawings, wiring schematics, functional diagrams, O&M manuals, I/O lists, software design documents, and FDS.

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