Balai SPS

Swift Energy has completed a removable solar power system for Balai Cluster field development project

Swift Energy has completed a removable Zone 2 Certified 24vdc 500Wp solar power system solution for Balai cluster field development project. Balai cluster consist of 4 wellhead platforms which are Balai, Spaoh, West Acis and Bentara.

Why do they need a removable solar power system? The reason a removable solar power system solution are provided because for the first 30 to 60days Balai will be the first platform to do the well testing, follow by Spaoh, West Acis and last but not least Bentara.

If the well test is having a positive result a full development scheme will be done on the particular site, the removable solar power system can also be a permanent solar power system for the platforms upon there.

From here it was observed that by using these solutions, it will be very convenient system for the user or installer and it will reduce the cost dramatically instead of getting 4sets for 4 platforms.

With the close collaboration with BC Petroleum and availability of Swift Energy locally produced certified Zone 1 12vdc 85W Solar Panel, Swift is providing a cost effective solutions to suite the system design and budget requirement of BC Petroleum. The overall Zone 2 rated system configuration consists of

– 60 pcs of 12vdc 85W solar panel installed on 2 skids each hold 30 solar panels,
– 1 set of AC Distribution Panel,
– 1 set of DC Distribution Panel,
– 1 set of 200A battery charger,
– 1 set battery isolator panel,
– 1 set of 24vdc 2300AH VRLA Battery Bank in certified SS316L Battery Box,
– 1 set of Zone 2 20KVA Diesel Genset, &
– 1 set of Rig Safe 16KVA Diesel Genset

Below is the 24vdc 500W zone 2 certified removable solar power system which we proudly would like to share with.

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