Improve Efficiency with Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

Smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are getting more popular recently across all industries. They combine two concepts that have been evolving over the years:

  • Enabling more kinds of devices/equipment to be connected and have greater intelligence
  • Gathering and processing data generated by production assets

As you dive deeper into IIoT, you will realise that a lot of promising new technologies and their corresponding benefit are emerging everywhere across the industries:

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Complex field devices network
  • Data management system on a higher standard
  • Stronger and better computing power
  • Enhanced and predictive analysis

Connect, Organize, Analyse and Personalise

Four Major Steps in Achieving IIoT

Connecting your assets
and enable
Gather and organise your data
Machine learning , AI , is just one of many ways to analyse your data
Personalise your user experience , be it web , mobile or even AR !

Connect, Organize, Analyse and Personalise

In SWIFT, we are committed to help you to explore these promising possibilities by conducting a thorough analysis and study on your manufacturing system. We can help propose smart manufacturing solutions that most suit your business needs and objectives.

These technologies have immense potential to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations with the following benefit:

  • Improved yield and production
  • Parameters optimization
  • Advanced flexibility to satisfy customers’ demands

The Purpose and Advantages of Smart Manufacturing/ IIoT Become Crystal Clear by Answering These Few Questions

What is Involved ?
  • Intelligent connected devices
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Big Data Analysis using cloud platform
  • Digital Manufacturing
Who should Care?
  • Shareholders: Increase revenue
  • Customers: They desire more for less
  • Employees:  They desire more work done in lesser time
  • Competitors: Everyone wants to be involved to seize the opportunity
Why Do It Now?
  • Cost can be recovered relatively quick
  • More competitors are adapting to this technology
  • Demands from customers are becoming higher

Let Our Team of Professional System Integration Consultants Assist You In Identifying the Most Suitable Approach to Realising Smart Manufacturing and IIoT in Your Business.

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