Electrical Network Monitoring & Control System (ENMC)

The Electrical Network Monitoring & Control System (ENMC)   is a fully customizable/configurable, user friendly, integrated solution for reliable and accurate energy management. The system solution centralizes monitoring data, control, disturbance recording and data collection providing a window into the system for analysis and reporting through an integrated network of metering and protection devices across a single or multiple facility locations. Furthermore, along with the capability to integrate with existing systems and devices, it supports a multitude of advanced system energy management functions such as load shedding, energy cost allocation, motor control and power quality monitoring.

  • Intelligent Load Shedding
  • Control of Voltage, Frequency, Power, MVAr/Power Factor
  • Generator Set Management/Dispatch
  • Load start inhibits
  • Load reconnection
  • Controlled load reduction (VSD etc)
  • Transformer tap-changer control and monitoring

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